We are a young company from near Vienna and we are active in the disposal of scrap metals, waste, wood and residual waste. All our staff have many years of experience in waste management. This means that we have a wealth of expertise and experience. We work exclusively within the context of legislation for waste management and beyond. This means that we can offer our customers and partners a service that goes far beyond the standard of environmentally friendliness. Our customers include large corporations in industry and the construction sector, but also individuals who want to dispose of large amounts of metal properly

Specialist expertise: thanks to our strong partners in Austria, we are able to accept and dispose of your cables, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, scrap, wood, batteries and residual waste, etc. in a professional manner. We only work with processes that lead to the recycling (reuse) of the secondary raw materials, thereby helping to protect the environment by a more sparing use of natural resources.

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